Racism is to white people as wind is to the sky

And white people here’s a good blog on what you need to do after this Zimmerman trial, if you’re feeling bad besides policing how black people should feel about injustice. Time for introspection and this is an excellent blog.

A blog by Sunny Drake

imageDear White people,

It’s not enough to simply know that racism exists, that we live in a racist world. In the outpourings of grief and anger about the Zimmerman verdict, I’m asking myself and other white people: how are we reflecting on and actively transforming our own personal racism? And our collective racism? This is not about hating ourselves, it’s about loving ourselves so much that we commit to transforming ourselves and our communities. Because white people: we are ALL racist. It is impossible to have grown up in a white supremacy and not have taken on racist beliefs and actions. And before you defensively cite the number of friends of colour you have, please remember that sometimes these beliefs and actions are incredibly sneaky – they are designed by white supremacy to look normal and natural. As white people, sometimes we can find them difficult to spot – yet…

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2 thoughts on “Racism is to white people as wind is to the sky

  1. I think there was 20/20 episode a few years back where Indians and other non whites talked about white privilege.

  2. This what I got from some nitwit, white people y’all need to get y’all folks.

    The issue with “white privilege”, and the every common phrase “male privilege”, is that it’s simply a fallacy. A ridiculous fallacy used to dismiss any and all criticism.

    The best example i’ve had is explaining to my class one year, a minorities study class (which unsurprisingly had a significant amount of non-whites in it), what the difference is between two poor neighbours (one black, one white), living next door to each other in the bad part of town, both working at the same shitty job, both earning the same low wage for the same hard work. What was the difference in relation to white privilege?

    Despite explaining they both are in the same situation, students piped up with “the white man won’t be pulled over for being white”, “the white man won’t be rejected for a promotion because of his skin”, “the white man won’t be followed around in a store”. After responding to this with a variety of scenarios, using other ethnicity in the class as example, in which the “white man” was placed in another country that wasn’t predominantly white and even a totalitarian dictator that oppressed them equally in a society where race didn’t exist, most were stumped. They still clung onto their “white privilege” dismissal of the equal hardships even though they couldn’t logically confer that with what was being presented.

    I calmly told them that such an impasse on logic was entirely the issue. Here they were desperately trying to adhere to a vague notion that held no relevancy to the very notion of equality, despite the fact they were vigorously trying to defend equality.

    I pointed out to them that the entire time they were arguing the “white man” was privileged, they failed to grasp that the “white man” was being treated with the same equality they expected the “black man” to be treated. They were effectively arguing that the “white man” was “privileged” because he was being treated equally, instead of arguing that the black man should be treated the same.

    You know the problem with your example is it’s an example. How many times does this actually happen in real life? In real life ‘white privilege’ plays out everyday whether you call it white privilege or not. Whether you acknowledge it or not, so here’s the fallacy. Your example is straight bullshit because that doesn’t occur in the real world on a regular basis. Lord what is wrong with white people, you just used white privilege by writing that post. You have totally disregarded what black people have told you, the folks who actually suffer racism snd white privilege. To insert your white privileged ass opinion in because, hey I’m white so instead of actually listening i’ll just interject my opinion because well you know, i know so much more about oppression than these folks. Here’s a great quote “Let me tell you something about privilege; it is so intoxicating that you will fool yourself that you don’t have it.” – Goldie Taylor

    Stay the hell off my blog. You fool.

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