See Me and Why Racism Is Not My Problem


Do you actually ‘see’ other people or are you too busy making snap judgments? And why racism has nothing to do with black people and why we should get out of our co-dependent relationship with it.


2 thoughts on “See Me and Why Racism Is Not My Problem

  1. Big reason why BW need to wake up about this. This black woman wasn’t even fighting. She had been drugged. We all know had she been white this wouldn’t have happened this way. You can act right all you want and still have this shit happen.

    BWE has been a great help mostly in the beginning, but I fear too many are creating this online la la land. When black women who subscribe, read these blogs talk about how they are not seeing what many of these bloggers are talking about they are told you need to hold on etc. work harder.

    • I’ll say this right now if these BWE bloggers don’t get their ish together you will see a mass exodus. Hopefully they will move on to start non BWE (cult) blogs and start a black women empowerment blog that is actually about empowering black women and girls not indoctrinating folks.

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