What Else Have I Been Up To

Well, I’ve been on digital detox which is probably not going on as well as I hoped. Oh well, I won’t lose no sleep because I didn’t make it the whole month. I’ll try again next month. But that does not mean I haven’t been enjoying my time here as the summer sun is shining everyday and we’re laughing and enjoying it. Times are good and I’m reasonably pleased with myself. We’re having fun every chance we get round here. We’ve been doing road trips to some beautiful spots and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. We’ve been up to Mt. Baker, Nooksack Falls, Bellingham, and Mt. Vernon which are all at the border with British Columbia. So check us out as we enjoy our summer in the Pacific Northwest. And yes that is snow.



















6 thoughts on “What Else Have I Been Up To

  1. Girl, I swear Washington reminds me of up North. Perhaps that’s the attraction to the place? The odd thing is I’m a born and bread chocolate city girl (aka DC). This just shows you the awesome things life has to offer one when we open our minds. Having said that (this is probably off topic), I met some effed up in the head American sisters in Sweden who somehow thought they had ‘arrived’ because they were married to attractive, well off Swedish men. Alot of them and I never got on. I also don’t accept any of the “focus on negativity” bashing of black men. Because “black men are bad” should not be somebody’s reason for getting into a mixed relationship. Men are men. Yes, if you grew up in America you do have issues – men and women. Now I can say, I have had wonderfully empowering and gratifying relationships with “some” Swedish men largely because they found my er, complexity interesting. Two people with the same set of issues = divorce. By the way you might enjoy this site created by a Swedish guy:

    Anyway running off on a tangent here. Do keep up your posts your perspective is interesting.

  2. You enjoy life it seems! I appreciate that immensely ;). How do you guys plan our trips? Do you just get in the car and “go” or do you try to hit x number of well known spots per season. Are there any sites you’d recommend for vacationing in Washington State? It reminds me of Scandinavia and tbh, being from the East Coast I never really gave Washington state a look (being from the other Washington, aka chocolate citaaay, lol).

    • We just get up and go, we seem to have one mind. When I have a idea the odd part is Mr. Berg has the same idea or vice versa. I think there may be a vacation in Washington site, I’m sure there is. You don’t really plan a thing, which is odd b/c we’re both Taurus and we live to plan. We just say, we just say we’re gonna go somewhere this weekend & go. The weather has be fabulous. My hubby used to snowboard up at Mt. Baker in college but I’d never been there. You know there are a ton of Scandinavian ppl up here while at Mt. Baker we noticed a Scandinavian couple from Canada. I’ve heard they came here b/c it reminded them of home. My husband is 2nd generation Swedish and Norwegian.

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