Rant: Don’t Put Your Feet On My Couch

When you come into my home, you don’t get to make your own rules and ignore mine.



2 thoughts on “Rant: Don’t Put Your Feet On My Couch

  1. I will admit…when I disagreed with an author’s blog, I was one who say something like “why are you saying x?” Especially when I felt the information was harmful. And then I realized how rude that was, and I wasn’t forced to visit anyone’s blog. I can disagree without crossing boundaries, and I can keep it moving as well. No need to declare my exit. Usually the people who are loudest aren’t going anywhere lol

    • You people can disagree respectfully with subject matter of a blog if that’s something people allow. But when people set rules and standards for their blog, that’s it. You don’t argue with those, that’s what ppl were doing in this case. It was just disrespectful I thought. If they didn’t like the rule, they didn’t have to be there and they were also free to make their own blog or page. But folks want you to make all the effort then they want to complain, umm no.

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