The Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself 30 Day Challenge Results

I was so psyched and moved to hear what happened to some of the ladies who participated in this challenge. I’m sharing those with you and my sharing my own wonderful journey during that time.



4 thoughts on “The Stop ‘Fixing’ Yourself 30 Day Challenge Results

  1. Eugenia – Thanks so much for the 30 day challenge!! It was such a relief to not be bothered with trying to fix myself (lose weight). During the challenge, I travelled along the East coast and I had a great time because I was not concerned about gaining weight or exercising. I simply enjoyed myself and you know what – I did not gain a pound!! I had lost weight prior to the challenge and was so determined to lose more but then I accepted your challenge and had an absolutely wonderful month! Sometimes you just need to LET GO!!

    • I hope you get to do it again, isn’t it great to just enjoy yourself and your life minus all the nitpicking. And see the world didn’t even end. I’m happy it turned out well for you. Yea I’m going to do this again.

  2. I failed terribly! I’m in the process of changing my eating habits and also add exercise to my daily routine…. Spent way too much time worrying about days that I failed and “cheated’, than days where I made good choices. I’ll try again next time.

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