Shutting Down and Cutting Off

At some point you have to shut down, give your body and mind time to relax and release.  Give yourself time to experience the pain and go through the mourning. And while you’re at it cut off some that crap that people are spouting to you.  And Happy 2 year anniversary for me on WordPress, woot woot!


2 thoughts on “Shutting Down and Cutting Off

  1. I was just thinking about allowing oneself to indulge in the full range of emotions–suppressing them is like feeding a cancer. Too much media: social & news always have me at a heighten sense of anxiety.

    • It does that to me also. Sometimes I just feel that’s usually when I cry, smile and laugh the most. It can be sort of overwhelming and little frightening at times. Because I don’t realize what I’ve built up in me.

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