Tat ‘Em Up Baby

I love tattoos, I mean give me a man with skin art any day. I’ll take him. I don’t know what it is about me and tats. I find them incredibly sexy. Maybe it’s this city, there are a lot of men with ink here and a lot of women too. I, being one of them. I got my tat in college and have never regretted it. I adore it and I’m going to get another, a much bigger one. Now, I’m not one to show off my tattoo at work but around here in most places tats aren’t that big of a deal. Here in Seattle it’s an art form and they have a huge convention here every year to bring together tattoo artist from around the world. Because it’s art it is not inexpensive by a long shot, I dated a guy who paid $2500 for his shoulder and arm to get done by an artist from Japan. He said it took a couple of months, really good tattoos can. I love them on men and although I’ve dated a lot of guys with tats neither my ex-husband or current husband have any. I couldn’t convince either one to get one (my name, of course LOL just kidding). I don’t find them a really ‘bad boy’ thing personally I like them on guys who are more clean cut, that contrast is sexy but I’ll take them on any fine specimen of maleness. So here for your eye delight are beautiful men with beautiful ink, mmmm. You go, tatted boy!






















3 thoughts on “Tat ‘Em Up Baby

  1. Hi Eugenia – I wish I shared your love of tattoos but I think I associate them too much with thugs and that lifestyle (I know it’s stereotyping and I should know better than to do that). I don’t mind them if they are not visible to the eye; however, the full chest and arm display seems like a bit much and please don’t get me started on those visible tattoos with that green ink!! I mean if I have to see them, do they all have to be of that same cheap green ink?

    • LOL well I guess living here changed my mind. I’ve seen some beautiful, intricate art on people and if you ask it’s very meaningful to them. But everything isn’t for everybody. I guess I see the art and talent that goes into drawing some of this stuff on people’s bodies of all things. I also like the history of tattooing around the world. Yes some of it is silly and tacky but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the art that is beautiful and sexy.

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