Asian Love

I think people may have me wrong. I think people think I only find white men attractive, umm no. I find all men attractive, there’s not a race or ethnicity on this earth you can’t find a fine men. It just happens in America there’s a plethora of fine white men but this week I go to the other side of the earth, well at least for some. Asia is quite close to me and so are its beautiful men. Living in the Pacific Northwest I’m not going to lie there are smoking hot Asian dudes here. I just want you to know my taste is varied. I could go to South America and spot some hot men. I could jet to Africa and find some hot men. I could be checking out my local Native American population and find hot men. (I think I might do that, cause lawd Native American men *gasp and swoon*). Now would you call this a fetish? No. Fetish is something you have to have for sexual arousal or satisfaction. I’m just a red-blooded American girl that likes fine men. I have a keen eye for male beauty, enjoy it why don’t you. And just for thinking poorly of me, you’ll have to guess the guys names for yourself. See how you like that! In the meantime feast your orbs on the Asian loves.

















14 thoughts on “Asian Love

  1. Hi Eugenia – I would add Russell Wong to the eye-candy feast! He was the Asian police officer in “New Jack City” and one of the husbands in “The Joy Luck Club”.

  2. I get idiotic comments to posts all the time, this is why I don’t do newbies to IR dating. They forever have to defend their preferences or think when you do innocuous stuff like this you’re trying to make a deep statement. I’m not. Please I implore you if you’re new to this blog read the ‘About’ and I won’t have to roast you like this. I have little patience for stupid people that think they’re smart or insightful. Which the comment below is neither.

    “I think people may have me wrong. I think people think I only find white men attractive, umm no. ”


    What if that were true? Is it wrong to find only white men attractive?

    I am black and I am attracted only to white men. That does not mean I think men of other races are ugly. They just don’t do anything for me. I can have them as friends and I can care deeply about them, but they don’t turn me on physically. And for me, physical attraction is very important in a romantic relationship.

    I find it very interesting that many black women who date or marry white men often mention that they find all men attractive, not just white men. Yet black men will be very open about their preference for only white or Asian women. Asian and white women who prefer men outside their race seem very unapologetic about it. And white men who prefer Asian women don’t seem to care what other people think. In fact, it seems that black women are the only ones who need to explain that they don’t have an exclusive attraction to people of a particular race.

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is married to an Asian woman. Has he ever publicly mentioned that he is attracted to all women, not just Asian women? If he has, I am not aware of it. He may very well be attracted to all women, but why should he have to say so? If a person always buy chocolate ice cream, does she need to mention that she likes other flavors simply because the cashier believes she likes only chocolate ice cream? Why is it anyone’s business if a black woman is attracted ONLY to white men? When a black women explains that she finds non-white men attractive, she is actually apologizing for finding white men attractive.

    I hope my comment does not upset you Eugenia, because that is not my intent.

    Listen, you’ve gone off on a tangent. I’ve told ppl before, don’t come here pushing agendas. You’ve taken a few words and just ran with it. I don’t give a fuck what other ppl like or don’t like it’s none of my business. I’m not trying to make no one feel good or accepted around here. I don’t care about Mark Zuckerberg, it’s not that deep honey. I just put up some Asian men I find attractive. You can find whoever you want attractive if it’s all white men fine, if it’s all Asian men cool, if it’s all black men, have at it. Personally, I find a bunch of different men attractive that’s me, that’s my thing, don’t have to be yours. I’m talking about me, me, me, me, once again I’m talking about me. This is my blog, if you want to have a political or social conversation about who people find attractive do that shit elsewhere not here. I’m not in the mood and don’t ever, ever come here and write a full blog in a post then say some passive aggressive crap like ‘that wasn’t my intention’ yes it was or you wouldn’t have said it. How chickenshit is that? I hate passive aggressive people. Don’t comment on here ever again. If you haven’t noticed I have a very handsome white husband, so I’m not trying to make no man feel better about himself. In fact, this blog’s intended audience is women not men. Maybe you’ve been over at some of those ‘other’ blogs that like kissing random white men’s ass, I don’t do that here. Maybe that’s your thing but it’s not mine. I don’t kiss no man’s ass, sweetie I’m the prize, not him. And if wm or bw like yourself find something wrong with me saying I find other men besides wm attractive, well that really says more about you than me and what it says is not good. You so freaked out about wm liking you, you need they approval so much that you couldn’t say ‘well, I find some Asian men attractive’. Good lord you sound codependent, if I was a wm I wouldn’t mess with you. Listen whatever kind of wm you’re finding, I wouldn’t deal with. I don’t deal with folks that’s that needy but if you want to mule/mammy for a wm go right ahead. I only deal with confident men, men who have enough confidence in themselves to know that if a woman is with them she may find other men attractive but they won’t be threatened by that because they know that her love and dedication are his because he protects, loves, and cherishes her. Please find something better to do w/ your time b/c you must have just started dating interracial or liking white men. I’ve been dating/mating interracial over 20 years since i began dating, if i gave damn what men or others thought about my preference I’d be a big a fool as you. You taking this way too serious. Your dating preference is not going to save the world. I do 50-11 hundred posts with all kinds of white men I find attractive, then I do one with Asian men I find attractive and suddenly I’m apologizing for finding wm attractive…ok really. I think you’re reaching here sweetie. And trust and believe if you’re insulted I intentionally did that. Girl, bye!

  3. Girl, a few of these men are Americans, so we don’t even have to cross the Pacific, lol. Especially for the West Coast and Canadian ladies. Sung Kang, of the first pic, is from Georgia.

    Anyway, I fully support yumminess, no matter the race, creed, nationality, or ethnicity. Fine is universal.

    • Oh I know you don’t actually have to live in Asia but of the ethnicity is fine for me. I live in a place where are there are plethora of hot Asian men, mmm mmm. Surprisingly I never dated an Asian guy although I was certainly looking. I know I need to do one specific for men from the Pacific isles, cause ow whee they fine. A bunch of them is from Canada too, just two hours up the road. It’s good to live on the Pacific Rim.

  4. *Gasp* Drool Yummmers! I see I must spend some time updating my Yummy Goodness board. Such fine specimen of manhood cannot be left off.

    Sendhil and those curls and smile of his could get it any day!

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