Encouraging Tip of the Day: Know Your Worth

Some black women out here interracial dating don’t know their worth and they’re ending up codependent on folks. Knowing your worth is an essential aspect of looking for romance.



4 thoughts on “Encouraging Tip of the Day: Know Your Worth

      • I understand! My sister lives with and cares for my mom, who has severe arthritis. She refused to get knee surgery years ago, so she can’t really get around without a walker.

        Regarding the comment on the previous post – talk about out of left field! One can simply scroll down the home page and see two other recent posts of male beauty with white men heavily featured. All one has to do is click on the “hot men” tag to see the other posts. It is not that deep.

        I’ve believed for awhile that some BWIR sites are just the flip side of the “all black men are the precioussssssssss, and we must handle with kid gloves” coin, only the skin color of the man changed. That’s why the ever-vigilant criticism of black women doesn’t change in such spaces. It’s not really about increasing options or quality of potential mates – it’s about scarcity, as you mentioned.

        • The surgery is done and she’s doing fantastic, recovering much faster than last time. They made some great progress with joint replacement surgery. It’s awesome.

          Oh lord when I saw that line about saying you find other men attractive aid actually apologizing for finding wm attractive, I knew where that nonsense came from b/c I’d heard it before on ‘other’ bw-centric IR blogs. Umm no, I’m not kissing any man’s behind, I didn’t kiss bm’s why would I ever kiss wm’s. But as I’ve said these codependent folks have just moved to a new set of men to codepend on they’re being given dating advice from other codependent people. You can’t do anything but make wrong calls, think wrong, deal with men wrong when that happens. I feel sorry for them b/c they’re will be and are at this point many heartbroken bm b/c they keep getting told the wm is the prize and she lucky he’s looking her way. Umm no, I’m not about that life.

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