Boundary Resistance: Consequences & Countermoves


When you begin to set boundaries sometimes people take drastic actions to stop you from doing so. What do you do when this happens?


4 thoughts on “Boundary Resistance: Consequences & Countermoves

  1. WHY am I just listening to your “Boundaries” series? I don’t think I realized how much my boundaries needed re-defining until about a week ago. I am listening to each of your vids, and I am taking notes, honey! I ordered the “Boundaries” book, and it should be here within the week. Thank you for this information.

    • LOL you’re welcome. I had what I thought were good boundaries but this book put many things in perspective and my boundaries are better than ever. That book is fantastic. Please tell me how you like it?

  2. A few years ago, I read a book called pulling your own string, it changed my life. It is pretty much in line with what you just said. The minute you stop accepting and playing by their rules, they paint you as the bad guy… which is something I know all to well and quite ok with.
    S/N you look so much younger… love the new do!

    • I’ve always had pretty good boundaries but this book let me know I needed maybe some more definitive ones. It is excellent but any book that informs you on how to make healthy boundaries just makes life better for people.
      And thank you, I’m loving my hair.

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