Encouraging Tip of the Day: Black Woman You’re #Winning

What occurred at the Emmys last night when Kerry Washington didn’t win for best actress in a dramatic series told me something, that black women are actually winning in a small way.



5 thoughts on “Encouraging Tip of the Day: Black Woman You’re #Winning

  1. Oh and did anyone see the Sinbad series on SYFY. Too bad it was cancelled by Sky One. Estella Daniels the actress who played Nala was gorgeous. The left the show it bit later in the series, but if they had a series 2 I hope she would have come back as did many others who enjoyed the show.

    Other shows to watch are Holby City, Casualty etc. Boy the U. S. is so behind.

  2. That’s why I couldn’t totally agree with Not Your Girl Friday’s Post A is for Anger. I do agree somewhat that black actresses are being put on shows and in IR etc. to bring in BW audiences, but seriously what show doesn’t bring in people of different races, cultures to bring in audiences of that culture? And yes, some do like to flip the script and throw us under the bus. That’s why you either decide to change the channel, find a new show etc. But what most didn’t get except maybe a few is that these BW actresses are in the spotlight and that helps our image, because we are being seen. I’d rather have a single well written 3 dimensional BW than one that a hallow meal of a character.

    And what the others don’t realize is that all it takes is one success, because really Hwood TV (movies for that matter) will try to copy what the other is doing. Case in point Dark Angel is just Buffy set in the future without the vamps and so is Veroinica Mars, but she solves mysteries. I remember when I used to frequent screenwriting forums like Done Deal. I think it was screenwriting Utopia. And you know what the folks at a certain network were talking about? Creating their own Buffy without the vampires, but she had super strength etc. And then a year or so later we get Dark Angel.

    Hell, look at all the westerns, cop shows.

    Also yes CW which is owned by CBS rarely has IR (which isn’t a surprise. I mean come on it’s owned by CBS) Someone was talking about how other networks are usually edgy and their shows are cancelled more. While that’s true and yes they needed to done some of that heavily serialized stuff down, hot mess crap sitcoms they are casting black women etc. So, maybe CBS/CW won’t do a Sleepy Hallow, Deception, Scandal, but I won’t be surprised when you start seeing them do it later on. Interestingly people tend to support something when it comes from a more wholesome less edgy source. Case in point Archie comics interracial marriage, gay character etc. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/08/07/1229468/-Riverdale-Babylon-Concerned-Moms-Protest-Sinister-Smooch Yeah, people are just weird.

  3. Thank you for this candid vlog Eugenia. It was difficult for me to listen to particularly because it resonated with me due to various experiences I’ve had over the last ten months at work, applying for a consultancy and during trips through a number of countries in South East Asia.
    I agree with what you say although personally during my difficult moments it did not feel like I was winning – I experienced a range of emotions and I was too emotional overall to frame my experiences as a proof of my capabilities, successes and how the gatekeepers are threatened by the fact that I am different from the ‘status quo’ and (mis)representation of black women.

    Re: the mispronounciation of Kerry Washington’s name. It’s difficult for ‘them’ to expressly attack black women especially in contemporary times because we are using our voices (and various platforms) to highlight their bullying, intimidation and attacks on black women and girls and we’re pulling our support and ignoring them be it social media, dollar with holds or ignoring them. Because they cannot expressly attack black women and girls they employ passive aggressive behaviour e.g. mispronouncing names, not mentioning, showing or representing black women and girls. On a personal note, I’ve had hair flicked in my face, I’ve been given looks that could kill and I’ve had comments about how unprofessional my short, curly afro was.

    I was also struck by the silence across social media (blogs, twitter – the ones I follow) both during Kerry’s nomination and after the awards show. Upon her nomination there were some mentions but afterwards – very few. From the media platforms I follow only one other blogger addressed ‘the snub’. I understand that it’s not a simple matter and that there is a history of black women’s misrespresentation or lack of representation in the media as well as centuries of devaluation but I get the sense that our silence validates their actions against black women. Whatever their criteria for winning an emmy (besides being white) Kerry Washington is a good actress who has come a long way and worked hard and it is okay for black women to say that as well as point out the insidious racism within various systems. I’m not advocating victim mentality, woe is me tirades. My point is, if one has a platform and wants to use it to speak out – they should and there are plenty of black women doing this (including you Eugenia) – I applaud that. Naomi Campbell, Iman and a number of black women are taking on the fashion industry and highlighting by name fashion houses and designers who do not use black women – it’s not a perfect strategy but they are doing something. We’ve got different strengths and strategies.

    Black women are heterogenous and all amazing women and it is great to see this diversity on TV. It is also great to see more healthy, fit, educated, vulnerable and beautiful women on TV as opposed to soley negative stereotypes. Of course there will be opposition and it’ll be steps forward and steps back but like you said Eugenia (and as I’m learning) I’ll take my victories when I can.

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