Married Girl Is Moving On

It’s time for my blog and vlog to end but it’s been one of heck of ride. But it’s time to live the life that I’m destined for. Thank you so much for coming along with me, don’t worry I’ll see you again. If you’re looking my two other blogs, go here and here and you’ll find me.


14 thoughts on “Married Girl Is Moving On

  1. Wow! Your sentiments and the encouragement to live life shared by you and other bw is why I disconnected from the BWE blogs. I did my recovery time to work on a plan for my future as a newly single woman but, like you said, it was time to get my life! The whole point of BWE is supposed to be for women to be encouraged to live life not talk about it and tear down the lives of others while wishing they were living the life of the blogger or others. Thanks for your blog and FB friendship! You know I love travel so, I look forward to seeing your posts and coming up that way! Hugs and best wishes for your future in life, love and family planning and your new travel adventures! ❤

  2. aww man, you got me crying like a baby. I LOVE your blog!! You introduced me to the Boundaries books…. For that I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU!!! You are so honest and direct…. so refreshing and needed. Your love for black women is palpable and very rare. I, too, am disappointed with this movement. What started off as empowerment has turn into manipulation and degrading of the less fortunate.
    I hope you continue to be blessed, and receive all of your hearts desires.
    I will continue to follow you on your other blogs, FB and Twitter… You’re not just a regular girl from Houston, TX, you’re a phenomenal woman with a heart of gold.

    Toast to you for “getting yo life”, I’m right behind you 🙂

  3. You are so awesome!

    I feel you on the social media thing. I maintain social media accounts for my business only because the other side of social media is too depressing. I think that’s so important. It’s also good to know when to end things as you said. Not everything can continue on forever, especially when it’s purpose has been served and it’s no longer serving you.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to share your wonderful and beautiful perspective! I’ll be following your other blogs.


  4. Eugenia – Many thanks for sharing yourself with me and so many others! I have always appreciated the fact that you actually talked TO me and not AT me. Trust me -there is a difference! I wish you all the best in life!!

  5. Ah, so much I could say! Eugenia, I’ve followed you since Single Girl in a Weird World – yours was one of the first three BW blogs I started reading, so now you’re like an old friend! I’ve learned so much from you and have enjoyed (and been challenged) by your blogs/vlogs more than you’ll know. One of my “unwind before I go to sleep” rituals has been to open my iPad once I’ve turned out the light, find and open your email, and then listen to your vlog. I’d see the email during the day and make a mental note to listen, if not that night then assuredly the next. I’ll be heading over to your other blog and subscribing there. Thankfully I’ll be able to keep up with you and stay connected on Facebook. All the best to you and Mr. Berg. May God bless and keep you both, continue to shine His love and grace on you, and give you a never-ending abundance of peace and joy. Much love!

  6. Thank you for all that you have contributed & shared. I did not always comment, mainly I lurked, but still, I wanted to say thank you and I will definitely take heed to your parting advice. I wish you & your husband all the best and much success with conception. Take care.

  7. Thanks for sharing yourself with us via this blog! I am grateful for the safe, life-affirming space you provided for black women and girls.

    I completely understand moving on – I wholeheartedly agree with “Get yo life!” I certainly plan to, hell yes.

    I’m already subscribed to your travel blog – looking forward to your posts there! I’ll check out your writing blog as well. I wish you good health, continued happily married life and peace of mind, and of course…lovely adventures in baby-making 🙂

    Glad to hear that your mom is recovering nicely.

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