Happy News


As you know Married Girl In A Weird World has been out of circulation for awhile. It is not coming back but this blog has always been my baby and the place where most people get got news about me and my opinions. So yes I have happy news, last year as you may well know Mr. Berg and I suffered a miscarriage in our first pregnancy. It was tough and for awhile and I wasn’t sure I wanted to try again to conceive, the fear can be overwhelming but we tried again. And I conceived so we’re pregnant again but that isn’t the big part of the news. Not only are we pregnant this week we found out we’re pregnant with twins. Yes, twins! I was more than a little shocked but this morning sickness has been kicking my butt.  Yes, we’re thrilled about being parents, now to wrap my head around being parents to two babies at once.  I wanted to share with the folks that have enjoyed my blog. Now what does this mean for all the blogs, well right now they are all on hiatus until further notice. It takes a lot to be a pregnant type 1 diabetic so all my focus is on making sure me and the Sweet Peas are healthy and happy.  So we’ll see everyone later!