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As you know Married Girl In A Weird World has been out of circulation for awhile. It is not coming back but this blog has always been my baby and the place where most people get got news about me and my opinions. So yes I have happy news, last year as you may well know Mr. Berg and I suffered a miscarriage in our first pregnancy. It was tough and for awhile and I wasn’t sure I wanted to try again to conceive, the fear can be overwhelming but we tried again. And I conceived so we’re pregnant again but that isn’t the big part of the news. Not only are we pregnant this week we found out we’re pregnant with twins. Yes, twins! I was more than a little shocked but this morning sickness has been kicking my butt.  Yes, we’re thrilled about being parents, now to wrap my head around being parents to two babies at once.  I wanted to share with the folks that have enjoyed my blog. Now what does this mean for all the blogs, well right now they are all on hiatus until further notice. It takes a lot to be a pregnant type 1 diabetic so all my focus is on making sure me and the Sweet Peas are healthy and happy.  So we’ll see everyone later!

35 thoughts on “Happy News

  1. Congratulations Eugenia!!! I am thrilled for you and Mr Berg. Twins? Awesome! I wish you an amazing journey and many Blessings to you, hubby and the Berg Babies

  2. Thank you all, we’re just thrilled to death! I can’t wait for these two little people to arrive in my life. We appreciate all the well wishes and blessing and prayers. Mama and Papa Berg are getting prepped for Baby Bergs!

  3. Congratulations to you and your Hubby! Twins!! You are doubly blessed and I hope you will keep us all in the loop during your pregnancy. I wish you and your family absolute joy and happiness!

    • I’ll probably be back to tell whether we’re having girls or boys or a girl and a boy (that’s what Mr. Berg is hoping for). For now I’m still battling a bit of morning sickness but that’s not a bad sign. Thank you.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS EUGENIA!!! i am so happy for you and your husband! Please take good care of yourself. Your blog has done so much to help me. I wish your family all the happiness in the world!!!!

    • Oh Natalie I have no choice but to take good care of myself. I’m seen at the doctor once a week and they’re putting me on an insulin pump. Gotta stay healthy so babies are healthy and so I can be here for the long haul as their mommy. Thank you.

  5. Congratulations!!!! You can’t leave us now Eugenia because now you really have more to blog about. We need to know whether to shop for pink or blue or both (LOL)!
    God gave you a double blessing and you and Mr. Berg deserve it and you will become fantastic parents.

    • Well, I’ll blog a little about the pregnancy but you won’t see me much b/c the doctor sees me more LOL. But we’re just ecstatic, I never thought I’d be mom to twins. How awesome is that!

  6. Congrats my dear. You and hubby focus on the most important things which is your health and happiness. Your blogs will still be here and we will be waiting and praying with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces.

  7. That is fantastic! I cannot imagine the shock you felt to discover you were having twins! I hope you and the Sweet Peas continue to be in good health until their arrival. Please take care!

    Congrats to you and hubby! I wish you could see the grin I have on my face! Great news to start the morning. Somebody was having a great time with the babymaking 🙂

    • We did have a great time making these babies, they were made in love. Yes, I was shocked when they said ‘oh you’re having twins’. The shock is still sort of with me but the excitement is taking over. Thank so much for well wishes.

  8. Congrats and now you will be doubly blessed. Get ready mama is all I have to say. You will be tired and in need of much rest even with one, but you will love every minute of it! Mommyhood is grand, wonderful and just great!

  9. Eugenia, I’m just over the moon for you and your hubby! Woot Woot! Praying for you, Mr. Berg and the Sweet Peas everytime you come to mind, which is often. Sending lots of love your way! ❤

  10. Oh. My. Goodness!! Congratulations. Eugenia & Mr. Berg! Twins?! Awesome. Please do take care of yourselves, especially Mom-to-be. As an aside, I’m 38 (still single) & am beginning to get a little concerned about procreating, but you have been one more inspiration. I love what you & The Hubby have shared with us! God bless you all!! Demi

    • Oh yea I got no other choice but the take care of me. Soon as I found out I was pregnant I was back on my diet regimen and getting those blood sugars in tight order. And at the doctor a few days later, I don’t play about my health. Don’t worry about getting older, the average age for 1st time Mommies here in Seattle is 38 yo. You have to talk to your doctor about your risk and chances, they know more. You have higher risks in some areas but surprisingly you have lower risk in others being an older mommy. Don’t let the media scare you, your doctor knows best. Thank you Demi.

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