6 thoughts on “There Is No Fine Line

  1. Watching now and shared you at BWWOB FB (on the topic of White Boy Passes) are you are one of the few calling it out and being objective instead of just bashing BM while turning a blind eye to foolery from freaky other brothers. These young ladies swirlers need Mother figures to tell them to slow their roll.

    • Hey I’m not that concerned what bm are doing. They are not on my radar. What is on my radar is the bw new to swirling making all these fatal mistakes in dating b/c they’re so desperate for a white man, they keep making him the prize. Thanks for the share.

  2. OK, this must have been some true foolywang on Tumblr. I do think Tumblr skews quite young, so the increased likelihood of some inexperienced know-it-all spreading misinformation is there, which apparently inspired this vlog.

    LMAO @ 12:07 – “I got to drop you ’cause you a fool…” and 17:00 “Yeah, there’s a line for dumb folks…” I died! You’re giving that Southern, Texas-bred realness. Women love to coddle grown azz men, okay? That maternal stuff is for the children, not adults!

    I feel like we, especially women, buy into the lie that human behavior is some great mystery, people are unpredictable, men in particular are experts at hiding twisted desires and deception. Yes, there are the socio/psychopaths out there, but they are the minority. As you said, if you pay attention, men will show you who they are.

    • I have never met a man so slick, so ingenious he’d could hide who he was for any amount of time. Even socio and psychopaths have to ‘break’ they can’t pretend forever. And most freak dudes can’t wait to tell you they’re freaks because they’re trying to figure out if you’re a freak or if you’re down with that. I mean that was the dumbest conversation because she was talking about fetishizing ppl but she had no idea what a fetish was. For some reason she thought you could only fetishize a woman if she was a different race, I was like huh?

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