You Know I’m Going Petty

I’ve never been petty, I mean a bunch of these so called champions of black womanhood have done and said crap to me in private and I may post a lesson from it. But I’ve never called name. Well I’m beyond that now. I’m older and really don’t give much a damn about folks feelings so here’s my fuck you to certain folks. Don’t come for me unless I call you. And Trini Alvarado as she’s known on Facebook, I’m talking to you. And if you’re a friend of hers on Facebook please direct her to this post. Y’all really shouldn’t fuck around with Tauruses we don’t care. 

This is a person I supposedly inspired to be a paralegal. But you another wise woman said this and I knew she was right, when it’s time for someone to come and tear me down it won’t be black men, it will be black women’. I don’t know what I did to her but at this moment, I don’t care. Because if your going to be mad at me you’re going to be mad at me for a reason. Here’s your reason Trini, I’m putting what you said to me in private in public. I’m sick of bw doing this, trying to come at you in secret. Hell, if you coming for me do it in public. This is the exchange.  

I’m sure some you reading this saw some exchanges between she and I on Facebook. How I inspired her choice of career and other things and in the end this is what I get because I said something to someone she’s friends with on FB who tried to come for me too. I get this. You know this is why all this black sisterhood and uplifting crap is never going to work. This is also why I’m careful who I engage with because folks will turn on you like rabid dogs. I’m done but I’m glad I did this, it’s cathartic exposing people. Also it’s to let people know if you try to fuck me over, I will make you regret it. 

Good day.