Hello, I am Eugenia aka Perfect. Although I’m far from perfect, I do my best everyday to live the life that God has purposed for me. This blog is about all kinds of things, me, my now new husband, my life, my work, general lunacy, my family, and stuff I think that’s just weird. I talk a lot about women and in particular black women but any advice I give to black women would probably apply to any woman. I like to read, write, cook, eat, travel, watch classic movies, and hang out with my Big Daddy, Matt. Don’t be shy I like comments, I just don’t like stupid ones or stupid people. So if pass that criteria, it will be awesome to hear from you. I’m willing to look at all sides because I like critical thinking and I like it when people challenge my ideas. If it’s a good enough challenge, you may change my mind, it has been known to happen. Read and enjoy!

Here are a list of House Rules please follow them, if you don’t and start to troll I am giving you fair warning that I will take your username, email address, and IP addressand post them on the page with your comments in a way that you won’t be able to edit them and you can enjoy trolling.


This blog is:a space for me to talk about crazy stuff I see in life

a space to promote IR dating and relationships

a space to talk about the woes of wedding planning

a space to ogle really fine men

a space to be a little silly

a space to speak of the love and pride I have in my family and you in yours

a space to help women heal, overcome, and be more powerful

a space to sometimes let people cry on your shoulder or kick you in the pants if you need it, that goes for me sometimes too

a space to talk about my love of everything that is television

a space to share some of my new adventures

a space to try to motivate people to do better and be different, it’s a good thing

a space for me to tell a little about what I think is so special about my husband, Matt. I promise I won’t make you upchuck. LOL.

This blog is not:

a space where I or anyone else will villify or deify any man (there are lots of blogs that do that, if you want to participate in that go there)

a space where people will be promoting their own agendas, this is my blog any agenda promoting will be done by me, if you want to promote an agenda either pay me or get your own blog

a space where people will be disrespecting others, any disrespecting will be done by me and if I do you deserve it

a space where people are patronized. I hate pandering to people or people pandering to me it’s an insult and treats people as if they are stupid

a space where I’m teaching IR for beginners, I’m old hat at interracial dating if you have issues, still haven’t gained confidence, can’t speak correctly, don’t know your worth, trying to break out of the hood or collective or matrix or whatever I am not the blog for you. I’ve been an independent-thinker and promoting my own self-interest for a long time. Also my mother taught me how to speak correctly, carry myself as a lady and with decorum (although don’t do it all the time LOL), carry on a conversation with anyone, make people feel comfortable, use all the utensils on the table correctly, and be adaptable as a child. Sorry I’m ahead of some people but I just am.

a space, most definitely, that I am trying to promote myself as a savior for grown black women, worthy of worship and ass-kissing because I got a date and they don’t.

Stuff up for grabs is done at my discretion.

I certainly welcome people to participate in my blog within these boundaries. I don’t think it’s asking much. That’s it. I’m done. Period.

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  2. Hi just introducing myself. I’m originally from Seattle too and a Black stay at home wife. I just thought I’d drop a note to say, “hello” since there really are so few Black women who stay at home. I just found your blog so I don’t know if you have kids or not, but I don’t so that makes me an extreme oddity. Anyway nice reading your blog.

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  6. Okay and back to beer, both Matt and I are in favor of a little lighter fare me more than him. I do the IPA, Blonde, Belgian white, and hefeweizen. Matt actually like IPAs, Belgian whites and Ambers. They do make a lot of good Ambers out here but it’s a little heavy for me. I actually like Blue Moon and although it’s made by Coors it’s a pretty good beer. Matt is particular about his beer, extremely but he’s particular about a lot of things but you wouldn’t guess that to look at him. I can’t do stout but that beer your husband brewed sounds interesting. I’d love to learn how to brew but we don’t have enough room, we live in an apartment and I figure you need lots of space. At least that’s what I’ve seen for the folks who do brew. You can make some strong beer. That’s a spot in downtown Oakland, CA that Matt and I went to all these beers from around the world and they had these fantastic variety of glasses each specially made a different type of beer. We drank some stuff that 7.8% good lord I was so sick the next day but they had stuff with higher alcohol content than that but it was some damn good beer. We’re going down to Oakland for Thanksgiving, I think I’ll look that place up again, I’ll give you guys the name but I cannot remember it now. Oh man I was wasted LOL.

  7. I have had Arrogant Bastard Ale and liked that too.

    I have no real preference for brews. I drink everything from pilsners to stouts. Black and tans are a favorite. Like IPAs. We got a case of Saizon once that was rank. I think that stuff was flavored with saffron. It really sucked. Left he case on the front porch hoping some one would rip it off but no luck. Ended up giving away to one of my brother’s booz hound friends who drinks any thing so long as he does not have to pay for it. Called that stuff a high quality sipping beer. Which proved to me he has no clue about what he is talking about.

    Hubby is brewing an Imperial Stout which is a Russian brew. Strong taste’ very dark beer but does not have as high an ETOH content you might expect from something that taste that strong. He is playing around with trying to bump that up.

    On another matter.
    Can you drop me an e-mail. I am doing a little research re. online dating and I have to ask you a few questions. I do not want to post them here.

  8. Thought I’d pop over here to chat…..about beer.
    From the list what good? As you can see these are all Seattle brews

    I have had Rouge’s Dead guy and loved it.

    Seattle Breweries & Brewpubs

    * Baron Brewing
    * Big Al Brewing
    * Big Time Brewing
    * Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub
    * Elysian Brewing Co.
    * Fremont Brewing
    * Georgetown Brewing Co.
    * Gordon Biersch
    * Hale’s Ales
    * Hilliard’s Beer
    * Mac and Jack’s
    * Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.
    * McMenamin’s Dad Watsons
    * McMenamin’s Six Arms
    * McMenamins Queen Anne
    * Naked City Taphouse & Brewing
    * Pike Brewing Company
    * Pyramid Breweries
    * RAM Restaurant & Brewery – Northgate
    * RAM Restaurant & Brewery – Seattle U-Village
    * Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery – Seattle
    * Rogue Issaquah Brewery
    * Schooner Exact Brewing
    * Trade Route Brewing
    * Two Beers Brewing

    • Aww geez, I just asked over BB&W how I could get in touch with off those boards and my prayers have been answered. LOL. Wow, you got the whole list. Well, let’s see. One thing is it depends on what type of beer you like. Matt and I love McMenamins’ it’s also the brewery with the great little hotels all over Oregon but their two bars here Six Arms and Dad Watson’s are great, they got good food too. I’m more of a blonde girl, I love blondes. But my personal favorite is Manny’s Pale Ale by Georgetown, Manny’s is sold in lots of different taverns. This is a tavern/pub town. We love some bars, not really nightclubs just bars where you hang out and drink, eat, laugh, listen to jukebox and are able to talk to friends without shouting. Gordon Biersch, RAM, Rock Bottom, are all restaurants and think chain restaurants so the beer is just so-so not bad but not spectacular either. Some of these I’ve never heard of but Rogue is good, Arrogant Bastard Ale is great, Pike Brewing down in Pike Place Market is good, but Matt doesn’t like them, Mac & Jack’s awesome, Fremont and Elysian have some good beer, Big Time brewing is good, Elliott Bay is awesome that’s where we had our dinner after our wedding LOL, Maritime is a good brewery, Hale’s and Redhook have breweries here so it’s fun to take the tours and get samples then sit down and have the actual beer. Naked City Taphouse I’ve heard is good. But there are a million restaurants and brewpubs and taverns that serve good beer so you’ll never be wanting for a good beer here.

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