Making New Friends

I’m not an unfriendly person but I’m also not the easiest person to make friends with, so when I make a friend and it’s an easy comfortable friendship that is happening I go with it. I can be really friendly but that is usually when I feel I can trust you and I’m comfortable with you. This weekend I’ve found I am making a new friend with someone I met online on this blog. Glamdoll is a regular reader and commenter on this blog. She has moved up here to the wild and fabulous Pacific Northwest from the Midwest. She did it for the best reason to make a move because she liked this city and wanted to live here. She can tell more of her own story if she’d like but nothing is better than moving to an awesome place and all your awesomeness following suit. That’s exactly what she is doing.

I caught up with her this weekend to meet and hang out. I took her around the city to visit some of the great neighborhoods and introduced her to Manny’s Pale Ale, one of my favorite beers. It’s been great getting to know her, we each share the same philosophy about black women opening up their options and the okey doke of the black community on black women. She’s been fun to get to know and I’m thinking we have a good friendship forming. I’ve never been a believer that you could possibly have a deep or meaningful friendship with people you meet over the Internet. In some ways it seems so impersonal to me but what I’ve found is if you’re genuine, you can draw genuine people for friendship even if you don’t live in the same town. Now that we do live in the same city, we can try to grow a friendship. So here’s to making friends on the Internet and here’s to my new friend, Glamdoll. We’re about to have lots of fun exploring the Pacific Northwest and becoming friends.